I’m 23, a recent grad, just trying to find her way. I used to have my whole future planned out while dating my ex, and when we broke up that whole world came crashing down and I was left in the one I’m in now. I’m learning to rebuild a new future that currently consists of just me (and my new kitty, Luna). A lot of people would say that having an empty canvas to plan your life is exciting and a breath of fresh air, but for me, it’s more like gasping for air while drowning. I know I won’t be this lost and heart broken forever, but it doesn’t help to just sit around and wait for time to heal all. I want to be proactive and pursue different hobbies and dreams. I want to step out of my comfort zone and meet people who are going through the same things that I am. I consider myself a creative soul, and I find that it helps when I can openly write or talk about all the millions of thoughts that run through my head constantly. So that’s how I ended up here. My own blog. Almost like my own diary, but I’m hoping that this diary can open new doors. Maybe it will lead me nowhere, but maybe it will lead me somewhere. It can’t hurt to try.

Some things you might want to know about me: I have a never ending thirst for learning about space and astrology. I hope to incorporate some of these things into my blog eventually. I’m an only child – so I should be used to being alone, but I’m not. I’ve only ever had one serious relationship – and yes I really thought that it was going to last forever. I’ve grown up in the same small town since middle school. I’m scared to leave, but I’m also scared I’ll never leave. My Sun & Moon signs are in Pisces and I am a Rising Libra. If you know about astrology or about these signs, I think this describes who I am pretty well. Basically I’m emotional, creative, open minded & hearted, and find solace in living in my own world/fantasy, but that’s not how people typically see me. They see me as a Libra; social, perhaps a little indecisive, outgoing and people pleaser. I hope to provide a place for people to relate to something, laugh, cry, get angry, be inspired, interested, awed. I want this blog to represent life as it is for me.