How do you know you’re with someone that is your soulmate? Do you just know? Does it happen gradually over time?

When I think of meeting my soulmate, I imagine meeting someone for the first time and suddenly feeling like I’ve met up with my long lost friend that I haven’t seen in years. I imagine finding my best friend at first meet. I imagine laughing at something they said and thinking “I’m gonna marry this person”. I won’t know why I feel that way, but I’ll just know. I imagine that every fight and argument doesn’t tear us apart, but brings us closer. I imagine knowing everything about one another, but learning something new every day. I imagine never being scared to lose that person, because we know.

Are soulmates truly your soul mate forever? Will they always come back to each other in the end? Are we meant to have different soulmates at different points in our lives? Would this disprove the theory that once a soulmate, always a soul mate?

There are literally billions of people on this Earth and we only meet such a small portion (though easier now a days thanks to the internet and online dating). Is there really only one soulmate for us out of all the billions of people? Maybe there’s one soulmate per continent? I don’t know…. I just want to know what it’s like to know that someone is your forever soulmate. How do I know I haven’t already met that person?

Do soulmates even exist?


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