Sun Sign Series: Aries

March 21 – April 19

Welcome wandering Aries signs! If you were born in between the dates above, your Sun sign is an Aries. Most of you probably don’t know what a “Sun” sign is. Well the sign that we normally associate ourselves with is our Sun sign! You also have a moon sign and a rising sign, but I will get into all of that another time!

First off I will explain a little more about what a SUN sign is – that way you understand why you may or may not feel like you relate to your sign. The Sun sign represents the ego – your core, if you will. Think of it like our Solar System, everything revolves around the Sun. The Sun is at the core of our Solar System (but does not make up the entire Solar System). So this is why the majority of us can relate to our Sun signs – it’s the base foundation of who we are.

Okay, lets dive in!

Famous Aries: Eddie Murphy, Elton John, Harry Houdini, Celine Dion, Peyton Manning, Rosie O’Donnell, Sarah Jessica Parker, Charles Chaplin, Alec Baldwin, Hugh Hefner, Rbert Downey Jr., Logan Paul, Emma Watson, Lady Gaga, Kourtney Kardashian, Kristen Stuart, and Chance the Rapper.

Most Compatible: Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, and Aquarius

Least Compatible: Cancer and Capricorn

Birthstone: Diamond – attracts love, financial success, and brings luck in new ventures.

Symbol: The ram – Assertive, sexual and able to climb to great heights


Welcome to the beginning of the Zodiac! Being at the start of the cycle is a big reason why Aries are the way they are. Being at the beginning symbolizes new beginnings. Aries are known for being great at starting new projects and ideas. They are the ram, they run head first into any venture they pursue. This being said, Aries can be a little restless. They are doers and and can’t wait to take the plunge into new things, striving for success in whatever they do. There is nothing half hearted about an Aries.

When people first meet an Aries their first impression is someone who is talkative, exciting, exuberant and someone who gravitates toward the center of attention. Aries are natural leaders who exude self-confidence. Aries are very generous friends. Because of their doer personalities they are always there to help a friend in a crisis. They love to lend some advice and share ideas.

The doer attitude can lead to some reckless behavior as well. They are all too willing to dive in and take risks. For an Aries the chase may be more enticing than actually achieving the goal. Underneath their enthusiastic, head strong front, they may be hiding some insecurity but no one would ever guess it. These insecurities don’t get Aries too down though, they seem to have an unbreakable optimism. A downfall of Aries’ head first approach, is that they may seldom actually see the whole idea or project through. With their never ending ideas and pursuits, they have a low threshold for boredom with very short patience.

One of the biggest pitfalls for an Aries is that they are self-involved. Which means they can easily turn a blind eye to others and their feelings. Often times they speak without even thinking – being too impulsive for their own good.

We shouldn’t be fooled by the enigmatic Aries. Inside they can be a little hard on themselves and create a lot of pressure for them to succeed and be in charge. Luckily, the optimistic Aries doesn’t let this bog them down  too much since they know that if they really want to do something they can!

What’s love like with an Aries? You’ll almost never lack excitement when in a relationship with an Aries. An Aries partner will be someone who can handle the full blast of an independent and forceful person. Dating an Aries might contain jealousy if they do not feel number one. And this is different jealousy than one that stems from insecurities, this is a jealousy that stems from wanting to be #1. An Aries woman is likely to enjoy long term relationships with someone that she can share everything with and is highly affectionate who exudes sexuality. An Aries man however, could display more of the restlessness qualities, into the chase more than the actual catch. But has a vulnerable side to him as well. When the perfect girl comes along that seems innocent and yielding, he won’t look any further (and if he ever finds that he’s been taken advantage of, his hurt can quickly turn into anger). And there you have a short summary of the natural leader, Aries!


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