Sun Sign Series: Pisces

February 19 – March 20

Welcome wandering Pisces signs! If you were born in between the dates above, your Sun sign is a Pisces (like myself!). Most of you probably don’t know what a “Sun” sign is. Well the sign that we normally associate ourselves with is our Sun sign! You also have a moon sign and a rising sign, but I will get into all of that another time!

First off I will explain a little more about what a SUN sign is – that way you understand why you may or may not feel like you relate to your sign. The Sun sign represents the ego – your core, if you will. Think of it like our Solar System, everything revolves around the Sun. The Sun is at the core of our Solar System (but does not make up the entire Solar System). So this is why the majority of us can relate to our Sun signs – it’s the base foundation of who we are.

Okay, lets dive in!

Famous Pisces: Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Albert Einstein, Dr. Seuss, Carrie Underwood, Steve Jobs, Steph Curry, George Washington, Ke$ha, Kurt Cobain, Drew Barrymore, Adam Levine and Victoria Justice.

Most Compatible: Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn and Taurus

Least Compatible: Gemini & Sagittarius

Birthstone: Aquamarine

Symbol: Two fish swimming in opposite directions


Pisces is the 12th and last sign in the zodiac calendar, the end of the circle. This translates to mean the sign of eternity, reincarnation, and spiritual rebirth. Pisceans have an otherworldly quality. They have the ability to see deeply into the human psyche, giving Pisces a 6th sense and extremely intuitive. They tend to have a never ending understanding of other people. This makes Pisces one of the greatest friends since they have a strong sense of compassion and always devoted to lend a helping hand to friends.

Pisces is a water sign, making us extremely adaptable to the currents around us. We are greatly influenced by our surroundings. We pick up on other people’s energies and emotions and feelings and easily take on those energies, emotions, and feelings as our own. We have a great amount of empathy for humans as well as animals. Pisces offer the emotional security and strength to others, though they need it for themselves. They find it hard to say no to people, always wanting to be there for friends and family, especially if it helps take a burden off someone else’s shoulders.

Pisces has been known to be called the sign of Sorrow from Self-Undoing. They can be impractical and fall prey to overindulgence. One of Pisces biggest downfalls is their tendency to flee from things they don’t want to deal with and can often lead to a world of addictive behavior. When faced with troubles or heartache we desperately try to escape, making decisions with no clear sense of where they’re headed. Pisces are known for being extremely emotional and don’t typically hold back from letting others see their emotional sides.

Pisces have to fight extremely hard for stability, and the strength to combat negativity, laziness, carelessness and emotional confusion. Since we can easily fall victim to our own self-undoing it is important for Pisces to develop a positive self-image.

Since Pisceans are known for their dreamy state of mind, they do best in careers that allow creative expression (artist, musician, writer…etc). We have a mind great for imagination and creating our own fantasy worlds. Though this is great for creativity, it can be a downfall since Pisces filter the world through their own rose colored glasses. Pisces are extremely sensitive and like to think of life as an ultra romantic movie filled with happy endings. Emotions can be felt at greater depths than most others – meaning they can feel intense joy and happiness when involved in a creative project or in a loving relationship, but can also suffer from greater depths of sadness. Some might think this makes Pisces weak, when in fact it gives them a strength to always bounce back.

Lets talk love for a Pisces. Pisces love, love and they lead with their hearts in everything they do. When a Pisces is happy in love, everything else in life seems perfect, making a Pisces feel almost incomplete without a partner. It’s important for a Pisces partner to have patience and sympathy since Pisces can be oversensitive and takes any bit of rejection heavily. Pisces women tend to fall for men in two extremes. Since she needs to be needed she tends to fall for men who are emotionally handicapped so she can mother and envelop them in compassionate care. She also falls for the opposite kind of men – those that are strong, decisive, a man that will protect and cherish her. A Pisces man, is a real charmer and has a knack for giving their partner’s a fairy tale romance. A relationship with Pisces will never lack passion or romance, in and out of the bedroom.

Basically, Pisces is the best sign in the Zodiac (not biased or anything), but they are some of the greatest lovers and greatest friends. And there you have a veryyyy short summary of the mystical, spiritual, romantic Pisces!


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