Once in a Blue Moon.

Ironically, the day of the Super Blue Blood Moon I had one of the WORST strings of bad luck. It began literally as soon as I was driving out of my parking lot to head to work. I started my morning off with my baby Cora (my car) getting the entire front bumper ripped off. And so at 8:50am, this accident set the precedent for the rest of my day.

I tried to go through the work day with a positive attitude (maybe this was some big blessing in disguise because I was supposed to drive somewhere that morning with a really curvy, narrow, and steep road. So I tried to be thankful it was nothing worse than what it was).

When the evening rolled around there was a ton of miscommunication about where I was supposed to be and who was going to pick me up, so frustrations grew amongst my fam and once that was settled I had a string of bad luck one after the other.

*fast forward*

I FINALLY broke down later that evening and just started crying in the laundry room of my apartment complex with my sheets soaked in detergent and no way for me to start the machine (a long story) and no way for me to drive anywhere to wash them else where.

I had, had it on Wednesday. Literally from the moment I woke up to the moment I went to bed (with no sheets or comforter or pillow cases). I was exhausted from the day, but I did learn a thing or two from it (typical right?).

It made me realize that every day I would rate my day based on how sad I felt or how well I handled my emotions based on feelings towards my ex and my breakup. And now I realize that all those “bad” days that were based on me crying about my ex or feelings of anger resurfacing, were all really good days. I had a car all in one piece and I got to go home after work and do absolutely nothing but go to the gym, relax and binge watch Youtube. I had nothing to really complain about.

So even though the day of the Super Blue Blood Moon did NOT give me good vibes, it did do what it’s supposed to do (if you believe in moon energies). The energy from this trifecta of a moon was supposed to hold a transformative energy. It was almost like a “gateway” energy to crossover and leave behind old burdens and ill feelings. Almost like setting you free of certain worries and troubles and give you the strength and energy to start new and fresh. And honestly, not to sound like a weird moon worshiping hippy, but it really made me realize that things in my life were actually going really well and it gave me a sense of relief that I am capable of really letting go of my past relationship. I feel like he is now the least of my problems and I don’t want to jinx it, but I finally feel at peace with where I’ve ended up and the reason why I’ve ended up here. I’m not going to say I won’t ever get sad or still miss him at times, but the worst is over (hopefully).


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