Yin & Yang: The Good in the Bad

I wanted to really sit down and take a look at the blessings that have come my way since the breakup. Last night I had a hard time falling asleep because I felt so unsettled. I’m still getting used to the big changes that have been occurring in my life over the last 6 months, but I wanted to recognize that change doesn’t always = bad. So I want to show that good things truly do come unexpectedly from pretty crappy situations.


  1. Becoming BEST friends with E.B. (SO glad I turned to you even though we were not THAT close at the time of the breakup)
  2. Reconnecting with a hometown friend that I had lost touch with during college (thanks for being there when I didn’t know where else to go)
  3. Quitting a job I dreaded going to (I was planning on working there for another 2ish years, until I moved with my ex)
  4. Starting a new job that fits my career style WAY better
  5. Creating a closer, different kind of bond with my mom that I didn’t have before experiencing a break up
  6. Learning I don’t want to get into real estate (at the moment)
  7. Moving out and getting my own apartment!!!
  8. Adopting my FIRST pet ever and finding my pet mate ❤
  9. Learning to handle my own bills & money management quicker than I would have if I lived with my parents for another 2 years
  10. Becoming passionate about astrology, space, science & technology, meditation and healing crystals (people used to ask me what my hobbies and passions were and I never had an answer, but now I do!)
  11. Learning how to love myself, change the things I can change that I don’t like, and learning to love the parts that I don’t necessarily like and can’t change
  12. Starting a blog that has given me a voice, new connections with others dealing with some of the same stuff, and a healthy way to express & cope with internal struggles
  13. Officially & FINALLY moving out of my hometown (in 2 months!!!) and becoming roommates with E.B. !!! (from #1)
  14. Becoming independent, confident, wise, strong, knowledgeable, adventurous and so, so much more!

Looking back on this list, I realize that A LOT of good has come from having my heart ripped to shreds and stomped on (not to be dramatic or anything). I am grateful for all the new opportunities, new hobbies & passions, and new friendships that have come into my life that either would have never happened (or would have taken a very, very, very long time to happen). I remember trying to make a list in the first month or two after it happening and I had about 3 things I could write down. Fast forward another 4 months and my list has grown tremendously. If all this can happen in the first 6 months, I can’t wait to see what another 6 months will bring. And then in another year, 2, 5, 10… There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t miss having the love that I had, but at the same time, not a day goes by that I’m not excited and anxious to see what else will come out of one boy making one of the dumbest decisions of his life.



    1. I think I will politely disagree with this! I wouldn’t be who I am now if it weren’t for the heartbreak. And I’m much happier with who I am now than who I was then. I think it’s a personal perspective… You can either look at it as nothing good coming from it, or you can look at it as opening tons of new doors and growth and good change!


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