Step Three: Reflection

Time to continue on the journey. I’m making this a 3-step plan because you have pretty much caught up with me on my journey to healing and finding myself. I no longer feel like I’m suffocating from the pressures of myself and I’m slowly breaking free of the pressures that have been placed on me due to our society. I’m starting to really feel confident with myself and where my future is headed. That’s not to say that I don’t still have insecurities or that I know what I’ll be doing with my life in the next year, but I’m excited to find out and excited to keep growing into this new me that has been emerging.

And just because there are only 3 steps doesn’t mean this where the journey ends. You can repeat the steps an endless amount of times! So here we are at the third and (semi) final step.

Step 2 might have been fun, maybe even slightly a disaster. But either way, it’s all part of the process. The hardest thing about Step 2 is forcing yourself to be social even when you’d really rather lay in bed instead. And while it’s okay to do that some nights, we can’t just stop living our lives. But hopefully you learned a thing or two about yourself.

And that’s where Step 3 comes into play. After Steps 1 & 2, it’s time to reflect. Don’t get this confused with over thinking. Now is a great time to map out your dreams and goals. Reflect on your achievements. Fantasize about your dream life (that doesn’t involve the ex), and look back to see how far you have come since square one. Realize that even though one door shut in your face, a million just opened up at the same time.

Each door may not seem as exciting as the one that just shut, but just remember your mind is great at playing tricks. Think of it like a game show. You have a certain amount of doors ahead of you and you can only choose one at a time to see what’s behind it. It may be something you’ve always wanted, and it might be something you don’t really care for. BUT just like a game show, your not going to know what’s behind door #2 if you don’t give up whatever was behind door #1. And the cool thing about the game show of life, is that you have an infinite amount of times to open a new door! And maybe you wouldn’t have ever gotten to your dream door if you hadn’t taken that chance on door #2.

So map out your goals for the next 5-10 years (or start smaller, 1-2 years). Envision the doors you have in front of you and figure out which ones you should open in order to end up where you want. If you’ve been following Steps 1 & 2, you’re heart and mind should guide you to the right doors without much effort. Because you’ll know more about who you are and what you want and what you’re capable of. Some doors will be easier to open than others, and some will lead to higher rewards quicker than others.

Life is really one big calculated gamble, but your odds are better when you understand how to play the game. And more importantly when you understand yourself!

I’m not sure why this post turned into an analogy about life being like a game show… but what I’m trying to say is that your life has been turned upside down and probably felt like one big tornado, creating a storm of chaos in your life. (I guess I’m just really good with analogies…). 

Steps 1 & 2 were to try and calm the storm, and now Step 3 is meant to pick up the mess it left behind and put everything back together, stronger and sturdier, than it was before.

And don’t forget that it’s okay to not complete these steps in a flawless way. Some nights will be harder than others, sometimes mini tornadoes will come back in, right when you thought you were close to cleaning up the damage. But how can we rebuild something to become better and stronger without it getting knocked down a few times?

You’re almost there wandering soul! Each day is another day to take a step towards a new you and a new future!


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