My Favorite Drug.

There’s no other high quite like this one. I can do it for hours, I can do it on the 5 minute drive to work, from work, before bed… It’s the best social drug for sure. One of the best feelings is when you show it to a friend for the first time and they love it just as much as you do.

Most the time it gives me a happy, adrenaline rush. It can also make me feel confident, sexy, relaxed, excited, and motivated, but sometimes it can be a pretty bad depressant too.

Following my break up I had a pretty bad love-hate relationship with it. I’ve always loved it and one of the best things about our relationship was that we were equally as invested in it. It was a big part of us. Since that bond was so special to me, I hated doing it without him once we weren’t together anymore. Or when I did do it, I hated all the flashbacks it gave me of us enjoying it together.

Even though it was a big part of who I was before we started dating, I had thought of it as more special when I started to share it with him and I couldn’t get the same high by myself anymore. The one thing that always made my heart happy and helped me forget about my problems, suddenly only made my heart ache remembering all the happy times.

It’s actually taken me FIVE months to finally get that same high again. The last week or so, I’ve started falling back in love with it.


I literally could not listen to my favorite songs or my thoughtfully crafted playlists I’d made because every damn song meant something to me while I was in a relationship. Music has always been a passion of mine and the fact that someone else was passionate about it too played such a big role in our relationship. Some of my favorite songs of all time, I discovered and shared with him. I hope that eventually I can love those songs again.

But it’s funny because I guess that’s what music does to you. Each song is almost like a tiny time capsule. Every time you play certain songs it takes you back to a certain time, place or person. And now I have this big collection of songs that will forever hold the memories of us.


It might sound silly to say that music played such an important role in our relationship, but it did for me. It was our hobbies independently and it was special to both have that passion in common and to share it with each other. It was one of the best feelings when he would show me a song he thought I’d like or just thought of me when he heard it. We loved dancing together. At the bars, at a party, in the car, at home, in the kitchen. We were always dancing. We were always singing.

I hated him for a while because I hated that I felt like he took that joy and passion away from me. But I think I’ve just grown out of a certain genre. I’ve found my niche again. I’ve found new music that makes me feel independent and empowered. Music is the most beautiful drug of all and I wanted to share my favorite with drug with YOU.

Here are a few of my own personal favorite playlists:

Playlist #1: Sorry Not Sorry – For those confident, sexy, empowered, girl power, bad ass feels. Good for gym sessions, getting ready, anytime you just want to feel like a lady boss.

Playlist #2: Vitamin D – For all the happy go lucky feels. Perfect for summer nights driving around with the windows down and belting out the lyrics or dancing in front of the mirror.

Playlist #3: Young, Dumb and Broke – A blend of popular and trending rap, hip-hop, and dance. Great for everyday jam sessions.

Feel free to browse the many playlists I have on Spotify (@maipie15)! And share your favorite song with me! I’m always looking for new music 🙂 Also if you think I’m exaggerating my passion for music, peep the music tat below.



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