Step One: Finding Your Flow

First thing to note: This won’t be for everyone, but if you’re open to trying, that’s the best thing you can do for yourself to take that first step.

I’m taking you along the exact same journey that I went on. So here we are at step one.

I ordered every book, watched every documentary, every youtube video about how to find happiness. How to move on. How to get over someone. How to find your passions. How to become successful. I began my never ending search for answers (I will provide a list at the end, of the materials I found most useful).

I was trying to find out how to have peace with something that I had no control over. I’ve always considered myself a spiritual person – not to get confused with religious. I believe in a higher something, not necessarily a god. I believe that the universe harnesses an abundance of energies that influence us in so many more ways than people think. Since starting this spiritual journey, I’ve only intensified that belief. And I think the secret to life lies in your connection to the universe and the energies around you.

Now I’m not some weird hippy. Although I do come from Oregon… I just love the practices of mediation and astrology (astrology plays a bigger role months later after step one). Both encourage you to try and learn more about yourself. To look deeper within yourself to see what you are truly capable of. And the more we get in touch with ourselves, the more you learn and the closer I have felt to finding the path that I belong on. At a time when I felt like life was spiraling out of my control, mediation gave me the power to feel like I did have the power to change my situation. Not in a witch-y way, but I have the power to control where I go from here. I don’t have to let the situation control me forever.

I started learning to meditate (I STRONGLY suggest you try this, if nothing else!). I started practicing gratefulness. To be grateful for the things I DO have in my life rather than focusing on all the things that I had just lost and couldn’t have. I literally buried myself in “self help” books. And let me remind you, I did not just meditate and read books and all of a sudden felt so much better. I cried. A LOT. When I wasn’t getting lost in meditation or reading, I was overthinking and depressed. I was a wreck. But looking back, I see that if I hadn’t TRIED to find myself and find my happiness, I wouldn’t be where I am right now. I learned valuable things during that time about myself and about love and about life, that I actually use to follow my passions now – 5 months later.

During step one, know that the hurt or pain or whatever you are struggling with isn’t going to go away, but you’re going to be growing into a new you. Even if you don’t see it right away. I’m only just now realizing that step one was the turning point for me even though at the time, I felt like I was just numbing the pain and ignoring my real issues.

Like I said, this step may not be for everyone, but just try finding something you’ve always had interest in, but never actually explored in depth. I think you can learn a lot about yourself when you start to pursue things that you’ve always wanted to, but never had time. My problem was that I felt like the things I’m interested in shouldn’t be pursued because I felt like I shouldn’t be wasting time on hobbies and passions that couldn’t lead me to a successful career. I like weird and unique things that may not be typical for a job, but I’m never going to turn my passions into a job if I don’t try to pursue them. And my hobbies and passions may never be more than just that, but if I could somehow turn them into a job that I love, I would be fulfilling my biggest dream.

So for now, focus on yourself. Find things that spark your interest. Explore the things you’ve always wanted to, but made excuses of why you shouldn’t. Make time in your busy schedule to do something that makes your heart happy. Meditate for 5 minutes on your way to work, from work, before bed, while getting ready. You can ALWAYS make time for yourself and you’ll thank yourself when you start to do things for YOU.


The aftermath of step one.

Book suggestions:

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Meditation Apps:

576x768bb headspace

Self Reflection Journals:

Book_03 victoriagra273_Without_BG_1024x1024



My favorite Youtubers (astrology, space, science, comedy & makeup channels): Find your interests on Youtube and binge watch till you can’t anymore!!!

****Kendall Rae****, Joshledor, Bella Fiori, Cut, Alyssa Trahan, Kathleen Lights, Ellen, NASA, Watchable, ASAPscience, and The Late Late Show w/ James Cordon.


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